OpenDev Bookmarks

Table Of Contents

  1. What is it?
  2. Features
  3. How it came about
  4. Project Status
  5. Download
  6. Source Code
  7. Screenshots
  8. Contact Us

What is it?

OpenDev Bookmarks is a multi-user, web-based bookmark manager. It is written in ASP.NET (C# flavour) version 2.0. Two databases are currently supported: MySQL and MS SQL Server.


The following features are currently supported by OpenDev Bookmarks:

  1. Tags
  2. Groups
  3. Customisable favourite and group tool bars
  4. The following bookmark summaries are provided:
    1. Most popular - the bookmarks you followed the most
    2. Visited today - all those you visited in the current day
    3. Recently added - the last few bookmarks you added
    4. Top rated - your top rated bookmarks
  5. Other boring stuff like local and OpenID user account support and lost password recovery.

How it came about

I started the project out of pure frustration of losing track of my bookmarks (favourites to our IE collegues) when using different PCs, profiles, and browsers.

The idea then came to me to centralise my bookmarks and free them from any specific bookmark manager (like Firefox). My main goal was to access my bookmarks from anywhere, on any PC, using any operating system, and any browser.

It was then that I started looking around the web for a system that I could use to end my misery. I found a few, but none of them fit perfectly. I also found and Both were very capable systems and I started using to some extent, but then something unexpected happened at work. My company started pushing us towards the Microsoft .NET framework. So, in order to gain some C# experience, I decided to write my own bookmark manager in ASP.NET. (My first choice would have been Ruby, well, Ruby on Rails to be precise.)

Project Status

The project is still in the early stages of development, but is already usable to some extent. Give it a try and tell us what you think.


You can download OpenDev Bookmarks from its project page at Source Forge.

Source Code

The project source code is managed by Mercurial and hosted at Source Forge. To get a copy of the code, run the following Mercurial command:

    hg clone odbookmarks


Main page showing the recently
added and top rated bookmarks.

List of bookmarks.

The bookmark detail page.

Contact Us

You can contact the project leader, Nobby Knox, via email at nobby [at] opendev [dot] co [dot] za. Logo